Does Basketball Make You Taller?

Watching the athletic men play basketball on TV, we all wonder, what is that makes them tall? Is it the genes, or does basketball make you taller? The truth is, there are many people out there who believe there is a connection between basketball and the player’s height. Even some scientific theories and pieces of evidence prove the claim.

To understand the connection and the theories, better, a deeper look is required over the reasons for the same and whether height is the one thing, which one would need to be the basketball player, who they appreciate on the television. 

Myth or Reality (Scientific facts)

Studies show that with jumping while playing, there is an increase in body current flow to the brain, which results in growth hormone stimulation, hence increasing the height. It is also believed that the HGH hormone (high presence leads to increased height in males and females) gets affected as a result of basketball playing. Apart from it all, jumping (increases blood flow that directs the growth hormones towards the growth plates), running (increases the HGH release) & dribbling and shooting (helps to stretch the spine and the arms, hence promoting height) are some of the other ways, which can help one to gain an extra inch.

However, if we look upon the theories, not all work herein, and one can’t just get taller if they play basketball. So, the next time when you ask can basketball make you taller, remember, the height of a person is dependent on the genetic structure. It has been proven scientifically that around 60 to 80% of the height differences exist because of the genetic factors, and the rest depends upon the nutrition and the environment.

One important point to note is, basketball is a wonderful game and irrespective of height, one can participate in the same. Being tall just brings X factor, the height advantage, that works in the game in an incredible manner and allows one to have anytime, anyplace shoot.

The scientific research is not more than the hypotheses, and proper data availability about does playing basketball increase height doesn’t exist for it all. So, in simple words, it’s the genetics that is mainly responsible for determining one’s height.

Except for height, is there anything that gets improved playing basketball?

There are many things which get improved for a basketball player. The list includes,

  • Jumping capability
  • Speed gets improved, and one can attack and defence faster and in a shorter time
  • Getting possession (or rebound)
  • The hand-eye co-ordination 

Factors that help in the growth

Genetics is foremost to be considered for deciding the height of a person. However, there are some other things that can also help one grow. 

  • Right food- One won’t reach their full potential if they are highly dependent on Junk food, instead of preferring the nutritional one. Therefore, one must ensure to intake more protein to ensure body growth at the optimal rate.
  • Proper sleep- It helps release HGH, and that promotes growth. This can be a life-changer for sure apart from making you wake up fresh.
  • Training- One can try the high-intensity training that helps build muscles along with the release of the HGH. This training also ensures to keep the weight in control and reduce fat.

At what age we stop growing?

The answer is completely dependent on ones’ sex. Boys start late but catch up better than females. Females are said to grow up till the age of 14-15 while the boys are known to maintain the growth pace till around 18. The growth stops after 2-3 years of production of the sex hormones, at a large amount. Apart from the puberty onset, it is also the protein intake that determines the growth.

Final verdict

Hope the above-mentioned answered the question, “Does playing basketball make you taller?”. Just remember, when you play basketball, do not keep hopes much high. It is not just the game that determines ones’ growth and height. One can even follow the discussed tips for ensuring better growth chances instead of simply being dependent on the game.

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